Monday, 9 December 2013

Birth of Aaisha..

The story dates back to 1980's when Aabha was married to prince of her dreams that her parents had chose for her. The marriage was done according to Hindu rituals and blessing of elders. She was the shining star of her family but this star was now supposed to shine somewhere else more beautifully and brightly. 

Starting a new life in a new family din't scare Aabha rather she was excited for this kind of beginning. She was highly qualified girl who had also received several awards in school, college for her outstanding performance in debates and creative writing. But unfortunately she was now in a family where her education meant nothing. Her degrees and certificates were just plain sheets. Suddenly the sweet mother-in-law was no less than a jailer. She wasn't a daughter-in-law but someone who was bound to complete all the household activities anyhow at any cost. The more Aabha tried to make everyone happy the more she was cursed for something or the other. She was humiliated but she never expressed or told anyone. She din't want to return to her parents as it wasn't considered good for the girl and her family at that time. But now God had given her a reason to forget her sadness and miseries. 

It was the fourth Monday of the post monsoon season in India when Aabha heard the first cry of her baby at 4:40 p.m. She was so happy to see her bundle of joy that she didn't want any evil eye or shadow around her little princess. A ray of hope had entered her barren land. Her arid days were turned into blooming ones with sweet smiles and laughter of the bright soul. She kept her name "Aaisha" which means One who is Lively. She wanted all the happiness of the world for her baby. 

Aaisha was not the prettiest but a very cute baby with height little more than normal. No one can understand the joy of holding a baby better than a mother. Those small eyes, hands, feet are truly the best view. Now the only aim of Aabha's life was to nurture her daughter, educate her in the best way and make her independent so that she can easily live life without any limitation. She wanted to prepare her for the worst too. She herself had gone through so much that she didn't want her angel to be weak and give up in hard times.

This is not just a tale but journey of Aabha and her daughter Aaisha. This could be anyone's or no one's story. Set in free Independent India still far away from Freeness. 

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