Monday, 30 December 2013

Aanya's Dreamy P.A.U.S

When Aanya turned fifteen she got two gifts from her best friend, ‘The Princess Diaries’ and a bookmark with George R.R. Martin’s quote: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” She was so inspired by the quote that the reader in her never looked back.

It was a beautiful Saturday evening and Aanya was in the backyard reading new book by her favorite author. She always wanted to meet him once in Lifetime and that day was no different. Soon she fell asleep.

Aanya : Sir, I have read all your books and I cannot explain how happy I am to meet you.  Thank you so much for taking out time.
Author : My inbox was filled with your emails so I had to meet this crazy fan of mine.
Aanya : Sorry about spamming your inbox but everytime I finish your novel I cannot resist writing to you.
Author : No problem, Infact we are lucky to have readers like you.
Aanya : I always wanted to ask you one thing. How you take Criticism.?
Author : I take criticism to improve my key areas rather than let others dictate my direction.
Aanya : Wow.! Well said Sir. All The Best for future endeavors. It was great meeting you.
Author : Same Here. Good Luck.

As they were about to leave Aanya said to herself : His Clean Shaven Look Bowled Me Over. Suddenly an apple from the tree hit her on the head and she starts laughing thinking about her dream meeting.

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  1. Aura, really nice story :)
    I like your style, presentation, pics & the colour-combination of conversation- Orange & Green that's in sync with your Blog!
    Aah! I love the way all your heroines names start with 'Aa' :)
    This story reminded me of the movie- 'Saajan'. Madhuri Dixit wanted to meet her favorite poet! :)
    Best wishes :)

    1. @anitaexplorer : Thank you so much.. I just feel like trying something different with every post.
      But honestly this idea came coz even I want to meet my Favorite author :P

  2. Nice post :) use of bitstrips in the post is awesome :)

    Have tagged you in mine @

    If you don't have pending tags do accept mine :)

    1. @Anmol Rawat : Thank you for the appreciation.! I am sorry as I am not writing any more posts. ATB :)

  3. What a well written story! All the best for the contest and Happy new year :)

    1. @Pallavi : Thanks a lot.! Wish you a very happy new year too :D

  4. I believe in the existence of 2 types of authors (broadly) ..
    1. Who imagine...
    2. Who are driven by a prop or inspiration.... You certainly fall under category one. Liked the "backbone" of the write-up..please write a complete account of this virtual interaction. Would love to read that! :) Cheers.


    1. @Sammya brata Mullick : Thanks I am overwhelmed. Your point noted I will write another post with the same theme & lots of chit chat with my favorite author :)