Thursday, 17 October 2013


Who wouldn't like to live in a place which is positive, harmonious and eternal? A place where one can live happily, enjoy every moment and stay till their last breath. Don't we all dream of such a paradise? But do you think such a place exists.? 

For everyone the meaning of paradise is not the same. A child may dream of a world full of chocolates as a paradise, a young boy may dream of a beautiful place with a sweet girl as his paradise and a young girl may think of a paradise where she could live till eternity with her prince charming. Some might imagine a paradise to be luxurious, comforting and relaxing but for some it might be a place where they can free themselves from all the burden they have been carrying. 

Living in this world, everyday is a new experience. One day you may be on cloud nine, the other day you may want to hide yourself somewhere and never come out but this is the beauty of life. No matter what happens you never stop moving. You cannot stay in the clutches of the past. You have to be strong and stand up. If bad things won't exists we might not value the good ones. 

Thirst may explain you what it means to have water by your side, Hunger may tell you the importance of food, Loneliness may show you what it means to be with your loved ones, Tears may make you realize the importance of laughter.

While writing this post I have mixed emotions. One part of me wants me to write only about Happiness and the other part of me wants to write about the darker side (unhappiness).  I would never ever like to hurt anyone or spread sadness around but sometimes feelings needs words and so here it is. Anyways the idea of the Paradise came from a song named "Paradise" by Coldplay. It was released in 2011 but I came across it just two days back. The song touched me somewhere and I feel I am the same girl they are singing about. Even I expect from the world but everytime it always flies away from my reach. I close my eyes I dream of a paradise when I can throw away the heavy baggage and meet my soul. But life goes on crushing the  innocence. Every tear seems a waterfall. Even though I lie under those stormy skies I still believe the sun will rise..

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