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Music Meets Happiness! (Coke Studio Season 4)

Someone has rightly said, "Music is the strongest form of magic.” No matter how different and far people are music is one thing that connects them. With the world population reaching 7 billion, there are 3 billion internet users. Imagine the impact of one single song or a story can have. Thanks to social media these days. 

I am a die hard fan of Coke Studio be it India or Pakistan. I am listening to their songs since 2013 and trust me some of them are truly amazing. Every year I eagerly wait for the next season. I believe irrespective of language, religion, country one should respect the talent. For those who are not aware I would like to share some insights. Coke Studio India, officially titled Coke Studio @ MTV, is an Indian television series, which features live studio-recorded music performances by various artists. Season One was premiered in June 2011 and Season Four was aired on 1 March 2015. You can check my post on Season 3 Music Meets Happiness!

Season 4 had six episodes. Each episode is done by different composers. Compared to last season this season had fewer songs. The fusion of diverse musical influences justifies the title "Music Meets Happiness". Here are my favourite songs and their interpretation according to me.

  • Episode 1 : It has just one song: 'Teriyaan Tu Jaane' sung by Amit Trivedi, Jyoti Nooran, Harshdeep Kaur. I loved this peppy and upbeat number. I felt as if one is requesting the almighty that I want to spend the rest of my life with you leaving behind the relations of this world. To my surprise, I thought I heard Jyoti Nooran for the first time but she has already done some popular Bollywood songs like Ghani Bawri. 
  • Episode 2 : Composed by Sachin-Jigar this episode has 3 songs. The first song 'Laadki' sung by Tanishka Sanghvi, Rekha Bharadwaj, Kirtidan Gadhvi will surely make you emotional and honesty I cried a lot remembering my parents. It's actually tough for any girl to leave everything and adjust to a new place with new people. The part sung by Sachin’s daughter Tanishka made me go Awwww.. This is must listen! The other song that I liked is 'Sawan Mein' sung by Divya Kumar & Jasmine Sandlas. It is about an anguished and devastated lover. For me, Jasmine is the star of this song, such a strong and powerful voice. The way she sings her part is fabulous.
  • Episode 3 :  This episode is done by Dhruv Ghanekar and has 3 songs. The song 'Ae Rab' sung by Dhruv Ghanekar, Master Saleem is beautiful composition inspired by work of Bulleh Shah talks about a man's search for God. 
  • Episode 4 :  Ram Sampath has composed this episode consisting of 4 songs. My favorite is 'Anhad Naad' sung by Sona Mohapatra, Shadab Faridi. I have always adored Sona's style of singing. This cheerful composition speaks about spiritual growth and awakening. The lyrics, music, singers all compliment each other. The lines Hunn main anhad naad bajaya, Apne dil da haal sunaya, Haal sunake luft o paaya, Ho..jiyun barkha wich ped nahaya.. expresses how one can be unburdened by  stop worrying and selflessly devoting oneself to god.
  • Episode 5 : It was Independence Special episode and the best of all. It has 3 songs composed by the different artist. 
  •  Song 1 : 'Ki Banu Duniya Da' : The song is composed, written by Gurdas Maan, sung by Gurdas Maan & Diljit Dosanjh and arranged by Jatinder Shah. This joyous composition talks about how the youth is  getting attracted to westernization forgetting their own culture. I loved the lines : Hello Hello thank you karan nadiyan aa gaiyan valeton angrez vadiyan i don’t like the punjabi hindi nu sharam ni aundi sanu gallan dindi nu Har boli sikho sikhni vi chahidi Par pakki vekh ke kacchi nai dhai di.. Such deep meaning.
  • Song 2 : 'Peer Manaawan Challiyaan' : The song is composed by Salim - Sulaiman, written by Sukhwinder Singh and sung by  Sukhwinder Singh, Salim Merchant & Raj Pandit. This one is brimming with patriotism. No doubt that the confident voice of Sukhwinder is always a treat to ears.
  • Song 3 'Allah Veh' : The song is composed by Manj Musik, Sunny Brown, written by Big Dhillon, sung by Jashan Singh, Manj Musik, rap by Raftaar. What great lyrics feel like sharing the whole song. Rap is also meaningful which is usually senseless these days. It is actually true that no one is born with a tag of religion. We all are children of that omnipotent.
कुझ नि मंगड़ा दर तों तेरे
सभ दी झोली खुशियाँ अल्लाह पादे
ना कोई रोवे ना कोई तढ़पे
सभ दे घर तू आके फेरा पादे
अल्लाह वे मौला वे |
क्या रखा है ज़ुबान में
कुछ रखा नही नाम में
कुछ साथ मे राम के
कुछ साथ क़ुऊरन के
एक जान एक जान की जान लेता जान के
बिना जान पहचान के | 
  •  Episode 6 : The last episode of the season was done by various artists. It has 3 songs. I really liked 'I Wanna Fly' sung by Father-Daughter duo of Sharmilee Supriyo & Babul Supriyo. It is composed by Anupam Roy and dedicated to celebrating UNITED NATION's International Day of the Girl Child that is earmarked for the 11th of October every year. Sharmile's voice is fresh and sweet it must be a great moment for her to debut with her father.!
Though there are total 17 songs but I have only shared the ones I liked that doesn't mean the ones I missed out are not worth listening. Everyone has a different taste you might like them so visit and subscribe the official channel of Coke Studio on YouTube : Click here 

I would like to thank each and every person behind all the magnificent compositions for creating magic every time. All the Best to the entire team. Keep rocking and Keep spreading happiness. Connect with the @CokeStudioAtMTV and the singers on Twitter : 

Amit Trivedi-@ItsAmitTrivedi, Sachin-Jigar-@SachinJigarLive
Dhruv Ghanekar-@dgroove, Salim-Sulaiman-@salim_merchant@Sulaiman, 
Gurdas Maan-@gurdasmaanSona Mohapatra-@sonamohapatra
Babul Supriyo-@SuPriyoBabul, Diljit Dosanjh-@diljitdosanjh
Jasmine Sandlas-@JasmineSandlasHarshdeepKaur-@HarshdeepKaur
Sukhwinder Singh-@sukhwindersss, Rekha Bhardwaj-@rekha_bhardwaj
Manj Musik-@MANJmusik, Raftaar-@its_raftaar

*Information Source : Wikipedia, YouTube


  1. We share the same taste. I am in love with Coke Studio. The compositions are too good to listen and relax. I like dusky voice of Sona. Thanks for sharing the list. I would love to listen the ones I missed.

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