Tuesday, 30 April 2013

because... every raindrop is a HOPE

Ernest Hemingway once said : “There is no friend as loyal as a book” and now I understand how true it is. As a child I never liked novels, I was more interested in short story books but then gradually my urge to read made me like them. Though I don't have a huge library at home still whenever I get time I make a point to read some good ones. I always felt like writing my views about the novels I read but it just couldn't happen and this time I am writing it & its about a novel called because... every raindrop is a HOPE. Honestly, I bought this novel just because of its Title.!

because... every raindrop is a HOPE is written by Mansi Sharma and Sankalp Kohli. Its a nice story and towards the end of the novel you'll surely get a lesson but it wasn't one of the best book I have ever read. Anyways every writer has his or her own way and sometimes it doesn't connect well with all the readers.While reading the novel i came across some beautiful lines which I would like to share :

"As long as every dusk gives you a Dream,
 As long as ever dawn gives you a Hope,
 Remember, there is a bit of Life waiting between the two..!"

"When Life comes, Love comes..
 When Love comes, Hope comes..
 But then when Love cannot go; Hope shouldn't..
 And, as long as Hope is still there, Life still is.."

"They say Life is difficult, I say who wants it to be easy;

 They say hold things or else they would be gone, I say value them & say Sorry I was wrong;
 They say try not to hurt close to ur heart, I say ensure stupid things don't set them apart;
 They say always tell what they mean to you, I say do that before your time is through;
 They say people are either good or bad, I say all are good, circumstances make a few bad;
 They say be with the one who loves you, I say never let go the one who love you;
 They say Life's all about moving on, I say.. Cum'on bring it on.!"

The novel tries to explain the difference between Self and Ego. It says self is what we actually are but ego is what we start thinking or believing we are because of the perception that world around us cultivates in us. Ego is necessary but when it goes beyond a limit it takes you far away from yourself and you no more realise what you are, you are ruined as a person. Chasing your dreams is right but losing your ownself in the want of your dreams is wrong.

The writer also throws a light on the 2 most misunderstood words : Love & Infatuation. Infatuation is always overrated while love is often underestimated. The truth is there is nothing love at first sight, never does it happen. Infatuation is when you don't know a person, yet you just are attracted to him/ her. Thus, it cannot be called an illusion however it may or may not turn into love. 
At last I want to quote a line from the novel : 

"Life doesn't end, as long as every raindrop is a  hope...."

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