Saturday, 2 March 2013

'Nindiya ke Paar'

Its March 2 and I am back with another song. When we talk about early young life precisely below 25 yrs, it is not necessary to always relate it with Love or Relationships sometimes its beyond that. Its about Dreams that we see and we want them to get fulfilled. We try hard to achieve but Life has some other plans and we have to adjust ourselves to the change. 

Music has been my best companion and the song Nindiya ke Paar by Uzair Jaswal is close to my heart. I like listening to it when I am sad specially.

According to a source on the web the song Nindiya ke Paar was written between 2009 and 2010 by Uzair Jaswal’s older brother, Yasir Jaswal. The two brothers worked out the song structure and main component parts together at a friends studio. The song title suggests a sense of escaping and going to the place beyond one’s dreams where one is alone in his/her world. Jaswal writes about a person who is treated very badly and no one listens to what he has to say. But when he sleeps and dreams, that’s the world he really lives in. He is the master of his own world and he feels he is treated well when he is here. This song is also fused with "Tere bina mera dil nahi lagda" by Nusrat fateh ali khan and Uzair Jaswal's another song "Tere bin nahi lage jiya" in Coke Studio Season 5's Episode 3.

आओ चले, आओ चले
आओ चले निंदिया के पार
आओ चले सोचों के पार

कोई सुनता नही है
तेरी आँखों के टूटे वो ख्वाब
आओ चले उन ख्वाबों के पार
आओ चले उन यादों के पार

कोई जाने नही है 
खाली आँखें खाली यह मकान
आओ भुला दें वो प्यार
आओ मिटा दें वो निशान

सायों से लिपट के सो जाए
आज.. आज..
आओ चले आज 
आओ चले आज

"Link to the YouTube Video"

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